A play by Melissa James Gibson about four old friends from College.

Marrell and Tom are dealing with the the stress of their firstborn child, meanwhile their marriage is threatening to fall apart. Instead of working through their issues, they bicker over irrelevant stuff such as the replacement of a Brita filter.

Alan is a professional mnemonist who is approaching middle age but already suffering from a midlife crisis. By leading a good life he hopes to find the meaning of life itself.

Jane, a single mother whose husband died a year ago, has to deal with the pressure of being treated like a saint-like widow and cannot stop apologizing to her “dear” friends.

The four friends find themselves in a space where they talk at and over each other rather than with each other, which leads to various uncomfortable or even disastrous situations. Everything starts at a dinner party with a simple and harmless game introduced by Tom, which then escalates and leads to a shameful and terrible secret. A play with conflicted yet sympathetic characters, funny and witty dialogues and a cabinetmaker without borders.

Location: Grosser Saal, GZ Loogarten, Salzweg 1, 8048 Zürich
Days: 18th (Sat) and 24th (Fri) of September 2021
Time: Doors open at 19.00, play starts at 19.30
Tickets: 20 CHF (adults), 15 CHF (students with legi)

Jane – May Kinoshita
Marrell – Olivia Tjon-A-Meeuw
Alan – Gagan Narula
Tom – Astrit Abazi
Jean-Pierre – Kiran Kuzhippallil

Director – Gagan Narula
Marketing, Props & Costumes – Adriana Rüegger
Music – Andrin Albrecht
Voice – Gloria Lama
Graphic Design – Oliver Maag
Lights – Saskia Kaiser
Sound – Amulya Tata

Special Thanks – Julia Utiger